For Publishers

Content Exposure

Give your great content another chance to shine! Don't let good stuff languish in the archives.

If you're like many publishers today, one of your biggest challenges is gaining visibility for all the content you create. Attracting new readers and keeping them engaged are two primary goals for every publisher. Reverb for Publishers can help. Our recommendation engine discovers additional relevant content for your readers from your site and around the web. When exposed to other relevant information, readers click on the links and spend more time exploring your content. Reverb for Publishers can also be configured to offer your readers additional relevant content from around the web.

Surface Your Content for Your Readers

Our tool lets you add related content to your posts automatically with thumbnails or plain text. How does it work? If you have a site about hiking for example, and you have a post about hikes that are good for kids, Reverb for Publishers will determine this, and show other posts that you have written about hiking with kids. Reverb for Publishers helps organize and prioritize which articles would be the logical next read for your visitors.

Finding the Best Related Posts

Our proprietary word-powered technology scans your site, learns what it's about, and dynamically displays the best related posts to your readers. Our technology takes more into account when processing recommendations so it does a better job at choosing the most relevant content. These highly correlated posts position your site as the epicenter of expertise on content related to your topic.

Go Global

Connect your content to sites across the web. When you install Reverb for Publishers, you become part of our network of thousands of partner sites. Our network not only gives your blog access to a wide variety of content you can share with your readers, it also enables our partners to show links back to your site, further increasing your traffic.