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Paula from AccessArt talks with us about the site and the role Reverb for Publishers plays in the user experience.

What is AccessArt?

We are a UK charity committed to furthering the advancement of education in the visual arts.

When did the site launch?


What's your favorite tool?

Our favorite tool is Wordpress. It's so very enabling. None of our staff has special training, but we can use these very sophisticated tools and put them in place, as they're all available in the WordPress. It helps us test markets and respond.

Why did you choose the WordPress platform?

We transferred the whole site to Wordpress for a more accessible format and for the suite of plugins available.

What's your main goal in having a website?

Our funding comes from our members so we focus on increasing traffic to the site and then from there, encouraging people to become members. We use the content management side of Wordpress to display all kids of different art resources as posts. Members gain access to full posts through a paid subscription, so our content is our main draw for membership.

Why do you like about the Reverb for Publishers tool?

AccessArt is an organization started by artists, visual artists, so the whole point of the site is to share ideas about visual arts education, and the Reverb for Publishers plugin fits quite nicely into that. It's quite a visual plugin, not just a list of further resources. There's also a bit of serendipity in how it unearths content, and I quite like that. Readers don't always know exactly what they're looking for and this plugin helps them possibly find that. It helps us highlight more posts and showcases all of the available content that visitors would be able to interact with if they became members.

The whole point of the site is to share ideas about visual arts education ... the Reverb for Publishers plugin fits quite nicely into that.

Have you noticed any key metrics change since you installed Reverb for Publishers?

I have noticed that time on site has increased by a bit, which is a great indicator for us that people are enjoying our posts.

What do you like best about Reverb for Publishers?

You almost expect a content discovery engine on sites now, like on Amazon, and now, we can offer something like that. The great thing for our readers is that the plugin gives us a little version of what big sites like Amazon offers. We now have over 250 resources on our site and this plugin makes sense of it all for our readers.

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